Google’s Project IDX is a cloud-based development environment

Google is now releasing something called Project IDX, a cloud-based development environment that gives developers access to programming tools, emulators for the programs being developed, and AI-powered assistance in writing code. Project IDX is based on Open OSS, the open-source version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. It supports running programming frameworks like Angular, Flutter, Next.js, … Continued

White House Sets AI Safeguards, Tech Companies Accept Them

The promises of generative AI are only matched by its risks. Everyone is enthusiastic about the potential of generative AI, but even AI developers agree that the technology carries unpredictable risks. Authorities in the US and EU have been scrambling to create legal frameworks for AI development that would mitigate its risks while allowing the … Continued

WinGPT is ChatGPT for Windows 3.1

A developer has created a ChatGPT app for Microsoft’s “ancient” Windows 3.1, an operating system released over 30 years ago. The ChatGPT app for Windows 3.1 is called “WinGPT” and, like ChatGPT, can answer various questions posed by the user. However, the responses from WinGPT are usually not as detailed as those delivered by ChatGPT, … Continued

Ways to Optimize Your Gaming Laptop’s Battery Performance

In this article, we will explore effective strategies to optimize the battery performance of your gaming laptop. By implementing these techniques, you can extend the battery life and enhance your overall gaming experience. We understand the importance of maximizing battery efficiency, and we are committed to providing you with comprehensive tips and tricks. Let’s delve … Continued

A hacker on Reddit makes a $4.5 million demand

The cyberattack on Reddit in February has been claimed by the ransomware group BlackCat, which is now demanding a payment of $4.5 million to prevent the publication of 80GB of stolen data from the site. In addition to the ransom, the group, also known as ALPHV, is insisting that Reddit reverse the recent controversial API … Continued

Morgan Stanley: Five stocks that can gain market share from Nvidia

Those who missed out on the rally in Nvidia have a new opportunity to ride the AI hype in the market, according to Morgan Stanley. In a recent analysis, the major bank lists five stocks that can gain market share from the American chip giant in the coming years. This year, the AI chip market … Continued

WordPress is launching an AI plugin that can write blog posts

Automattic, the company that develops the blogging tool WordPress and operates the blogging platform, has launched a new AI-based tool that can write blog posts completely on its own. The new tool is called “Jetpack AI Assistant,” and users can instruct the tool to write blog posts on various topics. In addition, users can … Continued

How to Optimize Images on WordPress with Imagify: An Expert’s Guide

In the digital age, imagery is king. But with great power comes great responsibility, especially in managing the performance of your WordPress website. Overloaded with unoptimized images, your site can become a sluggish beast. Fortunately, there’s a knight in shining armor: Imagify. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the intricacies of using Imagify … Continued