Google’s Project IDX is a cloud-based development environment

Google is now releasing something called Project IDX, a cloud-based development environment that gives developers access to programming tools, emulators for the programs being developed, and AI-powered assistance in writing code.

Project IDX

Project IDX is based on Open OSS, the open-source version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. It supports running programming frameworks like Angular, Flutter, Next.js, React, Svelte, and Vue, as well as programming languages such as JavaScript and Dart. Support for Python, Go, and other languages is also planned for the future.

popular frameworks and languages

Project IDX also features a built-in emulator that allows users to run their apps while coding. Currently, this works with web apps, but emulators for Android and iOS apps are also in the works for the future. For those seeking programming help, there’s an AI assistant embedded in Project IDX that can suggest code snippets for use in the written apps.

Optimize your apps across platforms

The advantage of Project IDX compared to local development is that users only need a machine with a modern web browser installed, instead of a powerful computer with programming environments, frameworks, and emulators installed locally. With Project IDX, developers can easily switch between different computers during their work, which could be useful when development is happening in various locations.

Those interested in using Project IDX need to apply for an invitation, which can be done on the project’s website through the link provided.