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3D Design + 3D Rendering

3D Designing, 3D Modeling for Manufacturing – NJ, NY

Our 3D Design process include; 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering. 

3D Design 3D Modeling 3D Rendering 

 3D Design Services

First, we do 3D modeling of all the products and parts of your engineered system. Second,  using our 3D Platform Panels solution, we create a 3D schematic illustration of the system showing technical cable connections, multiple motors connection, controller/Bus distribution, sensor connection, power connection, hardwire, and wireless connectivity of laptops and mobile phones. 

We use the 3D design of your products to provide high-resolution visuals. This image can have multiple views including; front, isometric, back, side, top, and bottom. These high-resolution photo-quality visuals are used by your marketing team to create and publish the company product sales catalog, marketing brochure, and web page content.

Your engineering team can use this type of 3D schematic illustration to provide powerful visual instruction for the electrician, integrator, and installer in a single view.


 3D Design Services NJ

 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering Services

3D design of manufacturers’ product line help visualize from all angles and capture that precise image suited for the company product catalog, brochure, website, newsletter, blog, engineering specification, product sheet, corporate video, educational, and eLearning application.

The benefits of 3D design for manufacturers are clear as shown on the right is a 3D model of an enclosure, a power panel showing connections from the power supply to the circuit board, reaching to the top through the enclosure holes, connecting outside with the Somfy Motor for window shade automation control.

We can model complex machines and create an animation to show how it works. We create 3D design and model using 3D Max, SolidWorks, and PTC CREO 3D engineering software applications.

3D Modeling and 3D Rendering Services NJ

3D Schematic Design of an Engineered System

Before we can create a 3D Assembly of a machine or an engineered system, we must first do 3D Modeling and 3D Design with realistic texture mapping of the outer layer.  We produce high-resolution photorealistic rendered visuals for engineering and marketing communication.

The 3D assembly of the window shade engineered system helps the marketing team use high-quality visuals in product brochures. The isometric 3D illustration helps the engineering team create easy-to-understand instruction manuals for system installers.

For the Somfy Systems case study challenge, Web Epoch invented the 3D Platform Panels solution to schematically illustrate a complex engineered system. This unique 3D schematic illustration is easy to understand by both the marketing and the engineering teams of a manufacturing company.

3D Schematic Design of an Engineered System

3D Machine Design in Solidworks

3D Machine Design and Assembly of an Engineered System

3D Design Rendering Services NJ, NY

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