ISV customization and single sign-on (SSO) experience. Zoho CRM.

We customize CRM to propel your business growth. Customization

Every business across Industries has unique business operations. This requires customization to their CRM application to manage their customers more efficiently. SSO

Web Epoch enhances your CRM user experience by providing an SSO, one-click, single sign-on access to other specialized providers of SaaS – Software as a Service subscription.

Use single sign-on from to leverage third party application to increase work productivity by leveraging leading-edge technology. ISV

One example is the integration of Epoch Slide® presentation builder and Opportunity Tab where you have bi-directional access to all of your saved presentations in Epoch Slide App account is visible in your Opportunity Tab so you can link a presentation to this opportunity. How cool is that?

Bi-directional SaaS Integration Increases Productivity

Similarly, if you are logged in to Epoch Slide®  then you can see all of your opportunities in your saved presentation window so you can easily link presentations with opportunities.

Next time when you are speaking with your contact you can easily click on the link in your Contact’s opportunity Tab to open the presentation that was sent in the history to provide you with sales support. Customization SSO to Epoch Slide Integration

Remote Sales Enablement

Epoch® Slide Intelligent Library!

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