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We create beautiful Responsive Website design and Web development projects.

Responsive Websites Drupal & WordPress CMS

Responsive Website Design is required today to deliver a good user experience for your business website and mobile visitors. Our process for Responsive Website Design, Web development, and Mobile App software engineering goes through testing with many smartphones and tablets for quality assurance.

Web Epoch performs extensive Q&A testing during our responsive website design process to deliver a high-quality product. Our testing procedure for responsive themes includes physical devices such and smartphones, iPad, and tablets. In addition, we use a smartphone device emulation in the web browser for testing on a wide list of mobile devices.

We design & develop custom Drupal and WordPress themes using a starter theme to reduce the client’s cost. We create a child theme to ensure that future theme updates are performed easily without breaking any code.

Some of our advanced web application developed with Drupal CMS include; The Dealer Loyalty Protection website and mobile apps, Transit Feed Manager, VendorCheck & QuickCheck data intelligence, and Municipal websites. The QC application has a workflow for multiple users for financial risk management & data intelligence application. The VC supports workflow and advanced search features that makes this application very powerful as a critical Business Application used daily by banks.

We love Drupal 8 because of the Responsive Web Design and mobile friendly architecture being at the core.

Call us for your custom WordPress plugin & application development requirements. We have the experience to design the UI and UX along with Responsive Web Design architecture for your business process application. Leverage technology to automate your business and gain a competitive edge in your marketplace, reduce overall operational costs, and increase profitability.


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