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Custom eCommerce Website development with Drupal, WordPress, and Magento.

eCommerce Website Design for B2B & B2C

eCommerce Website development for your online shop begins at Web Epoch by listening to your vision. Per your requirements, we will use the best of the breed in open-source eCommerce CMS platform. To build your custom online eCommerce store we will use either Drupal, WordPress, or Magento CMS. Other platform options are also available.

One of our recent projects included a Drupal eCommerce Website integrated with iPhone app and Android app for mCommerce experience. Customers can file vehicle insurance claims and make product purchases. We provide advanced eCommerce solutions by developing custom features and functionality that provide your business with a competitive edge over competitors.

Let’s look at each solution, so you have a starting point for your research and ultimately assist in selecting an eCommerce platform for your business.

If you have BIG budget then our first recommendation is Magento B2B eCommerce solution for growing your online store. Magento is a high-end solution with a high price tag. The open-source and flexible platform provides a cutting-edge user experience with the agility to adapt as your business grows. This flexibility is essential as the standard functionality Magento offers such as; account management, price lists, payment options, shipping methods, quick ordering, recurring orders, inventory tracking, mobile responsive design, and much more.

For a robust custom eCommerce solution, we recommend Drupal CMS platform. Drupal Commerce module provides a powerful platform for developing any level of online shop you require. Having development control over your online store provided the flexibility to grow and scale easily with custom modules.

Another solution for an intermediate size eCommerce Website is custom development with WordPress CMS and WooCommerce. The first example of a WordPress eCommerce website can be seen at rivet.com with 10,000+ products. The second WordPress eCommerce Website example can be seen at airpurifiers.com with 80,000+ products.

However, WordPress architecture may at times feels restrictive due to the structure of the plugin in use. If extensive custom eCommerce requirements are in your specification, we will not recommend WordPress instead we will use Drupal or Magento based on your specific vision.

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eCommerce Website Design for B2B & B2C

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