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Compare Drupal vs WordPress CMS

We demystify Drupal vs WordPress questions that you may have brewing in your mind.  Web Application development requires clear and refined requirements from you, the client.

Drupal CMS is a titan in the industry for developing complex and robust Web applications. WordPress is easier to develop and is a great choice for smaller Web application projects and a limited budget. 

Drupal vs WordPress Web Applications

So many times we get leads or referrals looking for a web application development for their existing business or a new venture with no specification, only an idea. The shortcoming we face is that the development process education usually shocks the potential client with the real cost of software engineering services.

Consider these Web application development requirements including; user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, architecture, page loading time, database design, content layout, and hosting. A scaleable and managed hosting is critical for your business growth as we scale from 1,000 to 1,000,000 users with ease.

A mission-critical web application requires daily and weekly support to maintain, update, enhance by adding code to meet user’s demands. New features and functions are added to make their daily work process more comfortable and provide a great user experience.

A well-crafted web application empowers the user to be efficiently productive. This, in turn, secures their loyalty and even turn them into fans & evangelist.

Website Application Development Process

10 Steps in Web application Development Process

  1. Requirements Analysis
  2. Concept Development
  3. Prototype Design
  4. UX & UI Design
  5. Database Design & Coding
  6. QA & Testing
  7. Deployment / Launch / Go-Live
  8. Hosting
  9. Maintenance
  10. Support

Web Applications Automates Business Process

Let’s share with you some of the Drupal and WordPress Web applications we developed for our clients. Dynamic Web Applications are more complex than a passive business website with static pages. Web Applications automates the daily mundane business process to solve business issues.

The Dealer Loyalty Protection (DLP) website is developed in Drupal 8 and integrated with iOS and Android mobile apps. The web services that power the iOS Mobile App and the Android Mobile App are also developed in Drupal 8 CMS. The DLP Website is using Drupal Commerce and the iPhone App and the Android App are using mCommerce for the customer to purchase vehicle insurance products.

The second Drupal Web application is developed for vetting mortgage closing attorneys. This Web application is developed in Drupal and integrated with SugarCRM for customer document management.

The third Drupal Web application is developed as a quick vetting solution for the same client’s management that process thousands of application submission. This Drupal Web application also has a workflow that manages how and who is working on risk management at any given time.

These Drupal CMS based Web applications require advanced development methodology for creating custom modules that are complex. However, when properly developed the web application streamlines your business process that increases productivity, and reduces overall operations costs.

WordPress CMS is an ideal platform for smaller Web Application projects. We would like to share a WordPress Web application developed for Lakeland Bus Lines called Tour Manager. http://www.lakelandbus.com/lakeland-tour-packages/. This Web application allows the administrator to post all the upcoming Tours Iteniery from across USA and Canada. Expired tours are automatically removed from the list, saving operational business costs.


Compare Drupal vs WordPress CMS
Website Application Development Process

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