Adidas mission statement and vision analysis

Adidas, also referred to as Adidas AG, is a company established in Germany in 1924.

It was founded by two brothers that later split the corporate (one of the 2 ended up other big sports apparel company, Puma). They established the corporate with the thought of making a replacement line of innovative clothing, shoes, and accessories for athletes that fitted their necessities and improved their performances.

adidas mission statement

Since then, the corporate has continuously expanded and altered for the higher, is now a world powerhouse with revenues of 21.92 billion EUR just in 2018.

They are the most important sportswear manufacturer in Europe and therefore the other within the world after Nike.

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Adidas is a company that managed to showcase tons of power and strength for many years. They need a superb mission statement focused on their core ideas and their unique way of serving customers and offering them the very best value and quality on the market.

Adidas Mission Statement

Adidas’s mission statement is “The Adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position.”

Throughout the years, Adidas’s mission statement has evolved to reflect the changes that happened in the industry.

Let’s analyze the mission statement of Adidas in detail.

  • The company wants to point out folks that having a sporty lifestyle is outstanding , and that they want to encourage people to figure out and express themselves. Their products are very innovative, and that they exerting to enhance performance at the very best possible level.
  • One of the targets for Adidas Mission Statement is improving sports. They need a sports-focused culture, and that they target both men and ladies here. They’re also engaged in various sponsorship programs designed to support the young talent and convey them the proper quality and value that they might find on the market.
  • Also, another core focus for Adidas Mission Statement is that the idea of surpassing expectations. The corporate has invested tons of your time and money to style an infrastructure-focused solely on value, professionalism, and quality. They even have a sustainable roadmap that’s about protecting the environment while also pursuing innovation at the very highest possible level.
  • Adidas is additionally a highly creative and innovative company. They always strive to push the boundaries. Their goal is to supply their customers with the simplest solutions on the market no matter the case. The important focus for them is to know the requirements of consumers in order that they will solve and surpass their clients’ expectations the maximum amount as possible effectively. It’s a fantastic opportunity and something that pays off more than you would possibly imagine. Adidas is additionally known for the very fact that it continually listens to customers. They created numerous innovative sportswear products, and that they have a stellar research team. Research and creativity are at the core of the company’s mission.