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3D Schematic Design

3D Design for Marketing and Engineering

Web Epoch invented a 3D Schematic Platform of Planes for Engineered Systems. 

3D Design for Marketing and Engineering 

A 3D Schematic Design solution was proposed for Somfy System’s marketing and sales departments. Web Epoch invented a 3D Schematic Platform of Planes for Somfy’s Engineered Systems. The sales engineers now have visual communication tools to easily explain to customers how the Somfy system would be implemented. The engineering team has a visual tool for installation instruction so they can easily implement their system. This schematic design is conceptualized by Web Epoch for Somfy USA.



Problem: Somfy Systems commissioned Web Epoch to solve a problem that they were having because there was no clear instruction for Engineers to explain to customers how the system would be configured. In addition, Somfy has no easy-to-understand instructions for system installers to follow.

Solution: Web Epoch invented this 3D schematic Design solution with each component layer to show engineering and installation connections. Now the Somfy USA installers have a visual instruction set that they can easily follow to implement their system. 

The Sales Engineers uses these 3D Schematic illustrations to communicate with buyers as to how the system looks with all the components put together before purchasing. 

Each product was created as a 3D product design and configured for a window shade automation system and rendered to look photorealistic. The entire engineered system was then presented in a 3D virtual space with wired and wireless connections. Somfy USA is very pleased with Web Epoch’s invention of 3D Platform of Planes. These 3D schematic illustrations are used in the Somfy’s product catalog and installation instruction manuals.


3D Schematic Design Service NJ
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3D Schematic Illustration for Marketing and Engineering Applications

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