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3D Motor Design Service

3D Motor Design and 3D System Assembly

3D Product Design Rendering provides visual communication for marketing teams.

3D Motor Design and Power Assembly



Somfy’s Marketing and Engineering Problems: 

  1. Provide a visual solution for Marketing and Sales teams so they can better communicate with buyers.
  2. Provide an easy to understand visual instruction solution for the Engineering team so the installers can implement Somfy’s Windows Shade Automation System.


Web Epoch Solution:

We conceptualized a 3D Schematic solution by giving each platform a layer of their own. The 3D schematic graphics provide visual intuitive instruction.

Web Epoch created the 3D Motor Design and render of a family of products for Somfy’s window shade automation systems. These products include; motor, power supply, connector, outdoor sensors, wall switch, remote control, laptop, and Mobile Devices.

We created the 3D products in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot software.

Web Epoch conceptualized the 3D schematic design that solved Somfy’s requirements for their marketing and engineering catalogs. The 3D schematic design is conceptualized by Rajiv Prasad, Chief Innovation Officer for visualizing the platform layers such as power line, power supplies, sensors, motors, and UIs.

3D Motor Design Service NJ
3D Product Design & Render Service NJ
3D Motor Design & Render Service NJ

3D Motor Design and Power Assembly

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