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3D Topography Model

Web Epoch created a 3D Topography Model of the proposed roadway terrain design for the entire Riverdale Stone Quarry starting from their office parking lot below to the proposed roadway leading to the top of the Quarry.

We then rendered the proposed roadway that started from the parking lot and climbed through a mountain, cutting 30-foot deep as the road ascends to the top of the Riverdale Stone Quarry work area.

3D Video Flyover and 3D Printing


In order to help persuade the municipal council and the campground landowner, Web Epoch created a 3D flyover video of the entire proposed topography. The 3D flyover of the roadway showing the entire travel route of the Riverdale Stone Quarry from their office below to the top of the mountain.

This 3D flyover video helped get municipal and landowner approval quicker than a printed visual alone.

We designed the 3D Terrain suitable for 3D printing a topographical model. The 3D Printing was done with PLA with the model having a size of 24 in x 23 in x 4 in dimension.

3D printed topography

It took 24 hours for this 3D Printed project.