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3D Home Architect

Home Architect Helps Owners Visualize Before & After with 3D Design

We work with homeowners and/or your Architect to bring your vision to life with 3D Design and 3D rendering of your proposed house renovation project. 

 3D Home Architect

We work with homeowners and/or your Architect to bring your vision to life with a 3D House design and photorealistic rendering. You or your Architect provide us design specifications or CAD files and we produce a 3D Render of your house.

We created this 3D house design of an existing home in Wayne, NJ for visualizing the proposed renovation.

Problem: What color picture window trim will work better with large white flower pots in front.

Solution: The 3D House design shows two flavors of the picture window trims as black vs. white along with large white flower vases right in front.  Ther 3D home visualization allowed for better decision-making. The homeowners were very pleased with the 3D Renders that helped Ava and her husband make their decision for the color of the trim.


 A Client Testimonial

“It was such a pleasure working with Web Epoch right from the beginning. Roj responded right away and was helpful the whole way through.
We were looking to reface the front of our home to make it more modern. We had an idea of what we wanted and we shared measurements and a drawing of what we were envisioning. Roj asked for precise information to ensure he had all details necessary to create as close a visual as possible to what we were hoping to create. And he did just that! The final product was beautiful, detailed down to the shadow the banister would cast on the side of the house.
We researched several companies and we are thrilled with our final choice. Web Epoch’s customer service, 3D rendering & final product are stellar. You can’t go wrong!”

Thank you again 🙂 I am always happy to give a reference if you need!

3D Home Design NJ
3D Home Design and Rendering NJ

3D Home Design Help Owners Visualize Before & After

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