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3D Building Walkthrough

3D Architectural Walkthrough Animation Video Services in NJ & NY

A 3D Building Walkthrough helps Owners and Municipal Council to visualize the proposed design and get quicker construction approval.

3D Building Walkthrough Help Visualize Design

3D Architectural Walkthrough Animation Video was created to help project owner(s) and Municipal Council visualize the proposed Architectural design.

Web Epoch was commissioned to create a 3D Model from AutoCAD 2D drawings. We created the 3D Model of the 3-floor STEM building at the Passaic County Technical Institute (PCTI). We also created their complex 3D topography around the STEM building and the parking lot.

We also created and rendered each floor with furniture, lighting, wall texture, doors, windows, student lockers, lounge area, presentation area with a large viewing screen. We further created a 3D model of the gymnasium, with benches, basketball court, scoreboard, and awards hanging along the wall above.

We then meticulously created a high resolution render and a 3D Building walkthrough animation video of the STEM School facility. The 3D Architectural Render helps the owners get a quicker Municipal Council for construction.

Have a look at this high-resolution Architectural Walkthrough animation video. We created a 3D Building walkthrough, panning the camera from the outside to inside of the first floor.

Then the camera moves through the hallway showing students hanging around. Further, the camera tours several furnished rooms, and continues along the hallway, and enters the gymnasium. We provide a  360º tour as you enter the auditorium with messages along the back wall.

A 3D Architectural Walkthrough Gets Quicker Municipal Council Approval.

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