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3D Architectural Design

3D Commercial Building Design and 3D Rendering Services, NJ & NY

We transform your 2D CAD file into a realistic 3D Architectural Rendering.

A 3D Architectural Model Gets Quicker Municipal Council Approval 

A 3D Building Design and Rendering is easier to visualize than your 2D architectural drawing blueprint. As an owner, you want to see your vision as a realistic 3D architectural design and rendering along with landscape and topography for complete visualization. Additionally, your 3D architectural model will definitely get you a faster approval because the Municipal Councils can easily see your proposed prosperous vision.

3D Architectural Modeling and Rendering NJ

3D Building Design and Rendering

A 3D Architectural Building Design having a realistic rendering of your proposed project is a better presentation to the Municipal Council than a 2D blueprint for getting a quicker approval.

3D Architectural Visualization can be presented in the following ways:

Once the 3d architectural design model is created, we begin texture mapping, adjusting camera angles, creating lighting scenes, rendering objects realistically, and programming the camera to create a beautiful animation walk through a building like the PCTI STEM School project we created as a 3D explainer video.

We provide multiple rendered views for printing photos for your presentation to the Municipal Council. These high-resolution printed images allow for maximum visual communication with the township council representatives. In addition to Architectural Exterior rendered views, floor plans and topography view renders provide ways to visualize the proposed projects clearly.

 The following 3D Architectural Visualization formats help improve your presentation to the Municipal Council.

  1. 3D Architectural Exterior Before/After
  2. 3D Interior Floor Plan
  3. 3D AnimationLight Study of Shadows Created by a Proposed Building
  4. 3D Landscape Topography Design & Flyover

We use architectural materials and furniture in the model to provide a realistic look and feel for accurate visualization of the project. For the Jersey City project, we mapped out the street layout, bike path, crosswalk, etc. which complemented the 3D Architectural Design.

For sales and digital marketing, rendering day and evening scenes create the mood for easily visualizing your 3D Architectural Design project.

From the proposed roadway 3D topography model, we created a video that helped visualize the landowners and the municipal council so our client Tilcon can get quicker construction permit approval.


3D Architectural Visualization NJ
3D Architectural Design Visualization NJ
3D Topography Modeling NJ

We created a 3D model for Tilcon of a proposed roadway starting from the office parking lot, cutting a path 30′ deep up the mountain as the view climbed to the top of the Stone Quarry. 

Get Quicker Municipal Council Approval with A 3D Architectural Design.

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