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Your website is the front door of your manufacturing business that is facing the world today.

How do you plan to engage and educate visitors to convert them into customers?

Well-designed web pages are nice, and a cool design is even better, but static product catalog pages produce a mediocre presentation at best.

Take a step towards higher-end presentation with a dynamic web catalog that allows you to manage and search thousands of products in seconds. A keyword filter delivers lightning-fast results for on-page sorting to quickly find the product you want. Click to access PDF and other documents including product specifications, selection considerations, recommended tools, CAD drawings, 3D models, and animations for product demonstration and training.

The manufacturing company web catalog is designed to reflect your business brand with a fresh look and feel. If you know what you’re looking for, you can do a quick global search to find the product. Those who are investigating may utilize the site navigation system to drill down to the product of interest.

The web design layout is finished in a clean, crisp CSS style with an uncluttered display that easily guides you to a category view of thumbnail product images to help you locate any product quickly. You can go directly to the product detail page or to a sub-category page. These well-designed product detail pages with category tabs displaying parts; variations, material, size, color, technical specifications, and other supporting information with PDF, CAD, 3D models, video, and animation content for high-end presentation.

Organizing thousands of products in your company’s catalog using MS SQL, MS Excel, or some other spreadsheet or database requires careful planning. It is best if you map all the categories and the external file links when you export the CSV file. The receiving end is WordPress or Drupal CMS (Content Management System). There are web catalog plugins for WordPress and modules for Drupal; however, none are ready to import the detailed product support content mentioned above. The pro and even the default version require a custom UI design and script programming for importing all data types.

 The web catalog of choice requires a custom UI design to engage the user in an intuitive way for product selection. The detail page reflects your best product presentation with all supporting information linked in a logical way. You will need to write a custom script for the CSV file import and populate the dynamic web catalog category by category down to the product details page, including linked content. Of course, your CSV file structure is prepared to meticulously manage the table data in a spreadsheet and link content across multiple file types in an external folder.  

When the product detail page has upwards of 100 product variations, a keyword search filter is an excellent way to narrow the display to show what you are looking for. Enter a few letters into the search, and instantly, you narrow the visual listing for selection.

The easy-of-navigation user experience will create loyal fans of your dynamic web product catalog that return for more. Have visitors sign up to receive valuable updates by email to build the foundation of your product’s loyal fan base.