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Software as a Service

Easy to use 24×7. Low per-user cost. No capital expense.

SaaS or Software as a Service provides businesses with an affordable solution for software requirements. SaaS business applications are available on-demand. 

Epoch® Slide Presentation Management System for PowerPoint® Slide Library

Epoch® Slide is a powerful presentation management system for your PowerPoint Slide Library. Easily and securely disseminate thousands of PowerPoint® presentation decks to your executive and sales teams worldwide.

PowerPoint managers can update one or multiple slides across thousands of presentation decks in minutes as compared to the manual copy/paste method in PowerPoint alone that takes a week or more. Slides retain a version history. Easily update an entire PowerPoint presentation while retaining a version history for audit support.

Epoch® Composer is a drag & drop presentation builder that allows users to quickly create a custom presentation in minutes as compared to PowerPoint alone. Search for choice slides by keywords and drag them into your presentation builder.

Epoch® Slide Presentation Management for PowerPoint® Slide Library

3 Simple Steps to Increase eCommerce Sales

Analyze purchase history.

Analyze users’ behavior on the e-shop.

Suggest the most interesting products that each client will be likely to buy.

Big Data Analytics

We customize salesforce.com CRM to propel your business growth.

Salesforce.com Customization

Every business across Industries has unique business operations. This requires customization to their CRM application to manage their customers more efficiently.

salesforce.com customization service

Remote Sales Enablement

Epoch® Slide Intelligent Library!

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