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Explainer Videos for Digital Marketing Campaigns

We will look at the various types of explainer videos that you can use to promote your brand. Explainer videos can have a wide price range based on the quality of design and animation you require. Average Explainer videos have an affordable price range, that is attractive to both startups and established enterprises worldwide. Today as you can see why 2D explainer videos are the hottest content for marketing your products and services.


Explainer Video 2D Animation

2D Explainer Video

2D explainer videos for products and services are the norm today for a 60 or 90-second pitch. However, we’ve also done a 5+ minute instructional video for international university students.

There is much confusion about 2D explainer video with the prices ranging from under $500 to over $5,000 for a 60-second animation. Sadly, many startups and enterprise executives just don’t have a trained eye to distinguish a quality 2D custom animation from the template-based crap that some business stakeholders choose to use for their brands. After seeing this, again and again, I decided to write this article.

Original character design, superb synchronization, and an excellent script for your story form the basis for a winning video that evokes a call to action. It takes time to answer a questionnaire for fact-finding. Even more, time is required to write and approve the final script. Then we illustrate a 15 to 20-page storyboard for a 60-second animation, create characters, record voice-overs, show the background, compose music clips, complete post-production, and deliver an MP4 file that puts a smile on your face and makes you think, “Hey, my video looks great!”

However, you don’t want your explainer video to be a rush job! Please refrain from any temptation to take the short-cut. Rush jobs in explainer video only lead to mediocre success and are never exemplary due to time constraints. The creative process takes time in which human designers illustrate artwork and human animators bring characters and your message to life. The voice-over artist closes the deal with the right tone that initiates a call to action to buy your brand. This production quality does not come with a template-based or low-end explainer video package.


Scientific Explainer Video

2D Scientific Explainer Video | Explainer Scientific

I am creating a new category for Explainer Video that is science-based. It is nothing like the typical 2D explainer video or whiteboard animation. The “Explainer Scientific” is in a class of its own. I do not see many examples of Scientific Explainer Video on Google search.

I am currently working with a scientist on a five-minute animation that explains the 30-minute process of a patented building automation system. On top of this, the animation tells the story without any voiceover. That’s a lot of custom animation, and you won’t find any template for it.

Five minutes is a long time. However, if you plan to save 50K to 100K or more on energy costs, you may be glad that a 5-minute Explainer Video provides the solution you are seeking.

You can see that this is not your typical 2D Explainer Video but a process comparison for selling a product.


Technology Explainer Video

Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard video animation keeps the viewers’ attention with the fast drawing and exciting action on the screen. Whiteboard video animation is a popular explainer video format among companies. To compete or even gain leverage, you must present several digital marketing formats based on the message of the content you are delivering.

Whiteboard is an excellent choice because you get custom illustrations integrated with your product’s visuals for powerful digital video message delivery.

Some videos run a few minutes, edging towards 3:45 in length, which works for this tech company. Great feedback from executive teams shows the client is pleased and has since scheduled multiple videos for production.

On video share sites, I am seeing companies having multiple Explainer Videos for their products and services.  Each short video represents one product or service and delivers their message efficiently.


Web App Tutorial Video

Web tutorial video is a great feature for learning applications in need of quick how-to instructions. Web tutorial videos walk a new user through the steps of performing a task using application features. A quick 30-second or 60-second screen capture on how to use a web app feature helps users get started faster than written instructions on a web page. The same screen capture video method can be used to create more detailed training videos for admins and users.

Many users have positive experiences if there are embedded videos to help them get a quick-start guide and become productive with the app quickly.


Mobile App Demo Video

App demo video provides users with an instructional overview of how the app works and why you might become a fan. All video clips are short, ranging from 30 seconds to 90 seconds, and target specific features for users to make a buying decision.

Today, explainer video pricing spans from $500 to $5,000+ per 60-second animation based on the detail of the animation you require. At 500 dollars, you have some characters “assembled” with template body parts, whereas at $5,000+, you have custom characters designed for your campaign.

Quality and affordable pricing never receive a complaint! As with any art, you must train your mind’s eye to appreciate the details of the high-end animation works and be ready to pay. Your campaign will show the results with quality animation provoking a call-to-action as opposed to a low-end, template-based work with no response.

I will expand on the specific digital marketing pieces in part two of this article with a link to an example of each of the above listed 3D project types.