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Explainer Video Animation NJ

Explainer Video Services Company Serving NJ, NY

Explainer videos simplify complex processes, software works, and promote goods.

Explainer Video Services Company NJ, NY

Today Explainer Video Animation is the #1 marketing medium used by most businesses worldwide large, medium and startups.

Explainer videos include:

  • whiteboard animation
  • 2D character animation
  • 3D product and topography animation
  • live footage and animation

These Explainer Videos help simplify and clarify a complex business process, explains how the software works, or a message to promote your products & services.

Whiteboard Animation

This whiteboard explainer video is created for Fred Shahrooz Scampato, PC. Please check out his new legal website with lots of articles at NJ Employment Lawyer website that Web Epoch developed.

An explainer video animation with custom characters design for Epoch Slide presentation management systems, a SaaS – Software as a Service subscription. 

5 Benefits of Whiteboard Explainer Videos are:

  1. effective educational marketing tool
  2. effective for communicating complex ideas
  3. sell a product or describe a system.
  4. boost attention and message retention
  5. animation videos are easily accessible

An explainer video can evolve as your product and services change over time. Whiteboard Animation keeps your message fresh with the current marketing trend.

A whiteboard animation explainer video of a software feature clarifying how it works by solving an out-dated data dilemma by providing “clean” up to date marketing and sales contact and conversion rates. 

An explainer video about a specific CRM software technology to help with clean contact data. New leads in your CRM is updated data for your reps so they have accurate contact information. 

Another Whiteboard explainer video simplifying technical issue so it is easily understood. Your Whiteboard explainer video can help sell your product and service with better message retention. 

A business process workflow can be complex to explain verbally. A Whiteboard explainer video visually simplifies and clarifies so the concept is easily understood.

An explainer video animation targeting international students to assist them in completing their University acceptance follow-up application. 

A Whiteboard explainer video animation promoting a mobile app and its features and services. 

An explainer video animation promoting a Mobile App and describing how to easily set up and start using it in minutes. 

An explainer video animation promoting a mobile app while describing how it works. The explainer video is a great way to simplify a business solution.

A 3D flyover animation of a proposed roadway showing the topography starting from the office to the mountain top and reaching the quarry.

A 3D facility walkthrough the Passaic County Technical Institute STEM building on the first and second floor.  

Explainer Video Production Company NJ

As a professional explainer video company, our goal is to create the perfect promotional project for your organization. We create original character design, superb synchronization, and an excellent script for your story. This forms the basis for a winning video that evokes a call to action.

It takes a little time to answer our fact-finding questionnaire that forms the foundation for the explainer video animation script. Based on the draft we review, edit, and polish the content until approval as the final script for your explainer video animation.

We draw a 15 to 20-page storyboard for a 60-second animation, create characters, record voice-overs, background illustration, select the right background music, complete post-production, and deliver an MP4 file that puts a smile on your face. You approve and say, “Hey, my video looks great!”

However, you don’t want your explainer video to be a rush job! Please refrain from any temptation to take the short-cut. Rush jobs in explainer video only lead to mediocre success and are never exemplary due to time constraints. The creative process takes time in which human designers illustrate artwork and human animators bring characters and your message to life. The voice-over artist closes the deal with the right tone that initiates a call to action to buy your brand. This production quality does not come with a template-based or low-end explainer video package.

Explainer Video Animation Services Company NJ, NY

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