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Explainer Video

Explainer Video Animation for Business Goods

Today Explainer Video Animation is the #1 marketing medium used most business worldwide large, medium and startups. Explainer video such as whiteboard animation or 2D animation or a combination of live footage and animation simplifys the complexity of your goods.

Explainer Video

For your explainer video, original character design, superb synchronization, and an excellent script of your story. This forms the basis for a winning video that evokes a call to action. It takes time to answer a questionnaire for fact-finding. Even more, time is required write and approve the final script for your explainer video animation. We draw a 15 to 20-page storyboard for a 60-second animation, create characters, record voice-overs, background illustration, select the right music clips, complete post-production, and deliver an MP4 file that puts a smile on your face. You think and say, “hey, my video looks great!”

However, you don’t want your explainer video to be a rush job! Please refrain from any temptation to take the short-cut. Rush jobs in explainer video only lead to mediocre success and are never exemplary due to time constraints. The creative process takes time in which human designers illustrate artwork and human animators bring characters and your message to life. The voice-over artist closes the deal with the right tone that initiates a call to action to buy your brand. This production quality does not come with a template-based or low-end explainer video package.