Digital Marketing Content for Business

Every business is using digital marketing content such as white papers, articles, blogs, email, SEO, live video, explainer video animation and video press releases. More specialized content include 3D virtual models, 3D printed models, 3D clickable interactive model, 3D fly over, 3D walk-through facility animation, infographics, downloadable PDF brochures, and product sheets to name a few. We promote your digital content by posting on these channels:
  • article sites
  • business websites
  • video sharing sites
  • social sites
  • business networking sites
  • pin sites
  • slide sites
  • review sites
  • PR sites
  • other websites
Your business website’s content is vital to your company’s growth as it provides automated services that let your customers be in control. Would-be customers can consume your digital marketing message and decide whether to buy or move on. An explainer video, interactive 3D models, or cool infographics are proven ways to engage today’s digitally savvy customers. A smart, intuitive UI, invites users to engage and provides a great user experience on the web and mobile devices. Your brand’s video message engages users and initiates a call-to-action response that generates qualified leads.

Explainer Video Types

Digital video and animation products to promote your brand:

  • 2D explainer video
  • 3D explainer video
  • App demo video
  • Live video composition with animation
  • Whiteboard video
  • Web tutorial video
Your digital marketing piece tells a story of your product and service.  Based on your project, these digital contents include the following:
  • a live video captured and edited
  • 2D animation style
  • 2D illustration
  • 3D architectural model
  • 2D architectural walkthrough video
  • 3D topography model
  • 3D topography flyover video
  • 3D model, render, and animation for anything
  • 3D printed model
  • Infographics
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • PDF brochure
  • Photography
  • 3D VR
Let’s look at the various types of explainer videos that you can use to promote your brand. Having an affordable price range, you can see why 2D explainer videos are the hottest content for startups and established enterprises worldwide. 2D Explainer Video 2D explainer videos for products and services are the norm today for a 60 or 90-second pitch. However, we’ve also done a 5+ minute instructional video for international university students. Live Video Live video is a combination of purchased commercial video clips with postproduction editing including voiceovers and custom animation to produce a video script that tells your story. Buying live video clips and combining them to tell a story is a challenging process. However, it can be done depending on your flexibility in producing your video message. The other option is to hire a video production team to deliver a precise video for your marketing. I will expand on other digital marketing pieces in the follow-up article.