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SMB CEOs are disconnected from SEO

I am writing this article because I was not surprised that only 30 business representatives attended a recent financial roundtable presented by CIANJ in June 2016. To be honest with you, I expected at least 100 CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs at this event. What happened to draw such a low attendance? Could the answer be that today’s SMB CEOs are disconnected from or lack the knowledge of the importance of SEO for their business growth?

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Business Owners Lack SEO Knowledge

I am celebrating 20 years as a CEO and providing SEO services for over 15 years for a small group of my clients.  I am puzzled to understand why many SMB CEOs and members of my BNI group are not investing their marketing dollars in their SEO campaigns. The one main reason I can think of is a lack of education and understanding about the power of SEO and search marketing. I say I am puzzled because to date the larger clients Web Epoch acquired are through our webepoch.com website and our SEO campaigns.  Somehow my peers do not embrace SEO the same way and I hope my blog article will encourage them to take steps to implement their own SEO campaigns.

Tip #1

One of the first steps for any CEO is to implement Local SEO using Google Business listing. This listing is critical for local search placement so you better get it right and keep this account fresh over time by adding new content such as project images, testimonials, reviews, and recommendations.

Tip #2

Next, tip two recommends using on-page SEO techniques to optimize each page on your website. You are optimizing your page to have prominence for the written subject matter. Your page title and description are critical to getting a click-through from the buyer. A keyword-rich title and a persuasive description increase visitors to your website.

Tip #3

The title link should take the buyer to a landing page with great content that ultimately turns the click-through into conversion by receiving a web form request or a phone call for a proposal. Now we will recap on-page optimization by creating a strong title, persuasive description, and great content. That’s easy! only three steps for search optimization, you might say? Not quite; for on-page optimization, there are several other meta tags that are optimized including the ALT tag for images.

Tip #4

In addition to on-page techniques, you must implement off-page SEO campaigns that include videos, articles, blogs, newsletters, interviews, white papers, press releases, and social media posts. One of the easiest ways to build cross-link and my third tip is a press release.  The fourth tip is an animated explainer that Web Epoch can produce for you and post on nine video sharing sites, all pointing back to your website or a landing page. The fifth way to build cross-links is article submission to authoritative sites such as CIANJ’s weekly blog.

Tip #5

Now you’re going to say “that’s a lot of work” with videos, white papers, articles, and more… that’s almost part-time work. True, a regular work schedule is required to create cross-links by writing great content on a monthly basis with a minimum of six months’ commitment each year to be effective in search. Now, do you get the bigger picture about off-page SEO? It is about building cross-links over time by publishing a variety of great content that usually provides the reader with some useful tips and links back to your website to increase monthly visitors.

Tip #6, 7, & 8

My 6th tip is to get many recommendations posted by your clients on LinkedIn including posting your own articles with links back to your website.  The 7th technique is to have Web Epoch create an informative infographic so you can ask for their contact information via a short form before providing a download link. My 8th tip is to get interviewed by NJ Tech Weekly or other publications and have them link few keywords back to your website.

Tip #9

Finally, my 9th recommendation is that, as a CEO, you should implement a PPC or pay-per-click campaign such as Google Ad Words.  Having a Google Ad Words campaign will actually help your organic SEO campaigns because you have more visibility that increases the chance of a click-through.

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