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Our 3D Modeling, 3D Designing. and 3D Rendering produce photorealistic visuals.

3D Rending Services – NJ & NY

We are passionate about 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering to produce 3D photorealistic architectural and engineering communication visuals. We start with your CAD files or detailed design specification to do 3D modeling and create a 3D Design with accurate textured detail in high-resolution realism.

We use the latest 3D design, rendering, and engineering tools such as 3D Max, SolidWorks, and PTC CREO to produce 3D Models suitable for architectural, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and 3D printing applications.

3D Rending Services NJ, NY

3D Design Process of an Engineered System 

For the Somfy 3D product design project we did not have any CAD files for accurate dimensions. We only received PDF files that had the marketing and engineering information such as dimensions. It also provided basic instructions for the installation of the Somfy engineered window shade automation system.

The Challenge

Marketing needs a visual sales tool for customer understanding.
Engineering needs a visual installation manual.

Create a way to show how each of the products is integrated and connected in Somfy’s windows shade automation engineered system. The assignment was to create visuals for two audiences. The first was for customers who could visualize the installed system configuration communication to help make purchase decisions.  The second was for engineering installers to have an installation instruction that is intuitive.


3D Product Design and 3D Rendering Service NJ

The Solution

3D Schematic Design of Engineered Systems

This custom solution was created for the Marketing and Engineering Departments.

Web Epoch invented a 3D planes schematic design solution to accurately illustrate Somfy’s engineered room darkening system.  We translated the text and flat picture information into 3D models. We then textured the product design and produced 3D photorealistic rendering to create visuals for marketing and engineering communication.  These included high-resolution print-quality images in a transparent PNG file format for inclusion in the product marketing & sales brochures. This intuitive 3D schematic design is an easy-to-understand instruction manual for engineering systems installers.


3D Product Rendering Service NJ

3D Architectural Design, Rendering, and Walkthrough

For Passaic County Technical Institute 3D design project, Web Epoch precisely did the 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering of the PCTI STEM school and the complex landscape topography including the parking lot. In addition, we created a 3D Walkthrough of the 1st and third floor of the PCTI STEM School.

Rendering is done frame by frame and at 60 fps or frames per second, it adds up quickly to thousands of frames. The highest rendering quality with reflections and other effects takes a longer time and added cost. A comparison video of this STEM school walkthrough will be posted soon shown in two rendered resolutions, high end, and higher quality.

3D Architectural Walkthrough Video

 Complex 3D Model Maker – NJ, NY

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