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3D Modeling Service NJ, NY

3D Product Design and 3D Model Maker

Our 3D Digital Design helps clients visualize the proposed project.

Complex 3D Machine Design Models from CAD Files

3D Modeling Company Serving NJ & NY

We provide 3D Design, 3D Modeling, and 3D Rending services using
3D Max, SolidWorks, and PTC CREO software applications. We create 3D product design and 3D machine models for our manufacturing and engineering clients.

We first modeled 3D parts and then assemble them in 3D space for precision testing before going to the manufacturing phase. These 3D product designs can be used for 3D printing to produce prototypes. In addition, the 3D Renderings can be used for product marketing catalogs and engineering installation manuals.

3D Product Design Assembly

In order to assemble the machine shown on the right, we created 100s of parts to exact scale in SolidWorks. We then assembled a virtual 3D model in SolidWorks testing manufacturing accuracy. The 3D rendering is used as high-resolution visuals for marketing communication.

Once we have a 3D model, we can then create engineering simulation and animation videos for marketing, communication, and investor presentations.

3D Machine Design

This is a 3D machine design of a very sophisticated biomedical research system that allows scientists to perform multiple iterations of a product R&D and testing with unmatched record speed.

Each 3D part is created with a manufacturing specification. In case a part required replacement, you can go in SolidWorks file and print the dimensions of this part for manufacturing or 3D printing.

3D Modeling and 3D Rendering Services NJ
3D Modeling Services NJ, NY

Invention: 3D Schematic Platform of Planes for Engineered Systems

3D Product Modeling Company NJ, NY

This 3D Plane for Platform invention by Web Epoch easily provides visual sales support for the marketing team. This 3D assembly simplifies the installation instruction by 10X fold as compared to the previous flat text and product photos.

Case Study: Somfy System

Window Shade Automation

The Problem: Somfy had some in-house created 2d storyboard-like slides but it was not very easy to understand.  Somfy Systems commissioned Web Epoch to solve the issues.

  • The marketing team needed product images for visual sales support
  • The engineering team needed easy to understand visual instructions for system installers

Web Epoch invented a method to showcase each product platform in its own virtual plane and proposed to Somfy Systems.  The Somfy marketing team was thrilled with the proposed solution.

To visualize Somfy’s Window Shade Automation System configurations, we created precise 3D product design of the electric motors, power panel, power supply, sensors, bus, router, modem, laptop, mobile phone, several types of connectors, and control circuit board. We then ran the 3D connection wires from the power supply to the circuit board and through the housing openings to the powerful motor that controls your luxurious window shades in 3D virtual space.

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3D Design, 3D Modeling, and 3D rendering help visualize your product realistically in virtual space. We can also print 3D models for prototype and full production.

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