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Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Explainer Animation

Explainer video animation is 30, 60,or 90 seconds in length consisting of video, animation and motion graphic illustration to demonstrate how a product works.

The 5 steps we go through creating your expaliner video are:

Step 1. Refined Script

The script is at the heart of your explainer video and a well thought out, refined script delivers the message precisely as intended in the shortest amount of time.

Step 2. Creative Storyboard

The storyboard brings you vision in a graphical storyline allowing you to refine and match your expectations.  

3. Professional Voice Over

A good storyboard can provide the professional voice over with clues for verbal emphasis during his script. 

4. Custom Animation

Creating a character and owning it as custom animation that no one has is an absolute requirement to stand out.

5. Music and sound Effects

Background music and sound effects engage the user and retain their attention for longer period of time, especially if you have call to action to inspire the user.

6. Promotion and Testing

Q&A with testing is critical for success depending on if you are planning to host this video on your own site's server, YouTube, Video or other commercial video site including any content content distribution network (CDN) - we need to plan for this based on number of users consuming at the same time.